simple steps to keep you pool cues in playing condition!

Hey Players,

The heat’s on!  it’s dead summer and heat is bad for children, pets ………and pool cues!  You would NOT lock your kids in a hot car (if you say sure, I’ll slap ya myself!) not give your pets water and shade…..don’t stuff your cues in the trunk of your car!!  Also, when you arrive at the table, give your cues a few minutes to acclimate to the temp changes before you screw them together…..wood moves!  Course, if you have one of them $20 Wal-Mart metal cues, none of what I am saying applies!!!

Carry a small terry cloth or towel in your case and wipe your hands occasionally while playing.  When you’re through playing, wipe the shaft and butt down and store the cue in case so the tip of shaft goes in the case first, and if possible, store the bumper end of butt first so that the joint pin is visible in the case.  This way, the pin can’t get damaged by dropping it in first and won’t accumulate grit from the bottom of case.  An important item to have for all your cues are joint protectors.  They aren’t just for show!  “CueWorks, etc.”  has joint protectors for most joint sizes/ threads and we can make custom JP’s using fancy exotic woods for that unique look and function! 

You have to have a tip tool……leave your wallet @ home but DO take your tip tool when you play!  If your friends want to borrow yours, do it for them, then tell ‘em to “GET YOUR OWN!”  DO NOT LET A TIP TOOL OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!  they will steal it faster than a $50.00 bill!  Many style/ types of tip tools are out there and “CueWorks, etc.” stocks the most useful, quality ones available.  We recommend ‘Ultimate Tip Tool’ if you have a single layer leather tip on your cue because it shapes, nickle, dime radius, dresses the edge, burnishes and taps.  I’ve had mine for 9 yrs (because I don’t let it out of my sight) and only replaced the abrasives once!  BTW, we carry the refill abrasives, also!  If “CueWorks, etc.” sells any product accessory, we show you how to properly use all it’s functions…..ain’t gonna get that service anywhere else.  Others take yer money and say bye-bye!  We sell Williard scuffers, Brad scuffers, ‘CueTec’ bowtie tools, ‘Turtle Tappers”, as well as tip maintenance tools by ‘Porper’, Tweeten Mfg. and others.

Another important accessory……….a simple piece of leather!  Use it to seal your shaft(s) by producing friction heat as you rub the shaft w/ the leather.  Obviously, you want the shaft to be clean and free of chalk dust or grit before you do this step.  “CueWorks, etc. sells leather burnishing pads made by ‘Tiger Products’ (made in USA). these leather pads are an inexpensive accessory and we stock them.  Also, McDermott Leather Pads are in stock.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND “SCOTCH-BRITE” green abrasive pads…these are the very worst way to clean your shaft!  You might as well get a piece of 80 grit sandpaper because your shaft will be a toothpick in no time!  Trust me, throw that crap away!!  If you must use sandpaper, use a micro-grit style that is wet-dry and 600 grit minimum.  McDermott, and Que-Clean make an abrasive set that has 600,  800, 1000, 1200, and 2000 grit.  You get this type and go thru each grit sparingly and infrequently!  If you buy from me, I’ll walk you thru the steps or give you an instruction sheet! 

GET A CUE HOLDER!  The most effective one is called a “Que-Claw” and they are made of rubber w/ a leaded-base (for weight stability) and available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 cue configuration.  WARNING!  If you get the 5 cue holder, your friends and/ or teammates will want to put their cues in it and won’t even ask you if they can.  next time you go to set up your break cue and grab your run cue, your spot in the Que-Claw will be gone!  Irritates the heck outa me!  I use a 3 cue “Que-Claw” because it holds my break and run cue as well as my bridge head cue!  Your biggest worry is that you might forget to put it back in your case after you finish playing.  I recommend you sit your girlfriend or wife next to your cues and Que-Claw and delegate their authority to be responsible for reminding you to take your Claw with ya!  P.S. DO NOT let your girlfriend sit next to your wife!  I cannot be responsible if they compare notes about your prowless!  Actually, I’m kidding!