The “bar pool” experience!!

I am constantly amazed when I go to a unfamiliar bar or tavern, find a pool table so I decide to hit a few racks……and the “NIGHTMARE BEGINS”!

The tables are usually coin-op and in bad to just awful condition.  The house cues are in sad shape, there is chalk dust and hand talc all over the floor, rails and cloth.  If the house cues have a tip, it’s usually a slip on tip/ ferrule combo, a bridge is nowhere to be found.  If there are table lights, 9 out of 10 times, it’s an incorrect light or a bulb is out.  The balls that are with the table have never been kept up (as in ‘polished or wiped clean’).  The cueball is either oversize or magnet core and virtually unplayable.  There are 10-12 pot-bellied ol’ guys and 2-3 barfly women and they’re talking about absolutely nothing and laughing like it’s something!  They’re sucking down diluted Old Milwaukee, or PBR drafts because it’s cheapest and gives them a ‘buzz’ better that a bottle!  Ask the bartender if they have a beer that “I would actually buy to serve my guests”,  and they look like “What’s a Sam Adams?  Blue Moon? a lager?  Newcastle Brown Ale?  “  Don’t bar owners hire anyone with experience w/ people?  Do barkeep’s even think, “maybe, if I go to this patron’s table and take their order…..they’ll tip me better than 95 cents after 20 draft beers”????  Ever think, “hmmmm, smokers!  Maybe, if I keep their ashtrays empty and clean, suggest food or snacks…..they’ll tip me better than 95 cents after 20 draft beers????  No wonder these dive bars don’t have any lighting in their bar! 

Then, I overlook the poor, NO! Pathetic Service!  I go to the table, pay the coins and rack ‘em!  Of course, then comes the guy that wants to play pool……….on someone elses money!  Heck, if the guy’s short of cash and can play better than 2 balls an inning, I’d front for the games!  Nope, they can’t believe I run 4 balls or draw the cueball 6″ and think I’m some kind of professional!  I say, “GET OUTA THE HOUSE ONCE IN A WHILE”!!

Worst thing is, I’d almost stomache everything that the 2 previous paragraphs mentioned, if someone actually knew how to play 8 ball with real rules and WANTED TO! 

How about voting for the worst bar or tavern and mention what made you vote for it?  Only requirements, must have 2 pool tables minimum!

One Response to “The “bar pool” experience!!”

  1. admin says:

    my vote for worst tavern for pocket billiards. “Whiskey River Saloon” formerly “Mate’s Pub” on US301 in downtown Starke, FL

    Very poor waitress/ bartender service……limited choices for beer and/ or food.
    There are 2 Valley 7′ bar tables ($1.00 per game) the cloth is low quality, has, cuts, burn marks and pile from brushing improperly! They rarely clean the tables, NEVER clean the balls, 1 table has 2 3/8″ oversize cueball, the other table has a Valley magnetic cueball that’s heavier than the ball set and doesn’t roll true. The house cues are all in disrepair w/ slip on tips. Lighting is poor in the whole place. Course, everyone is so fat and ugly and just gross, so the darkness might be a good thing!
    Pool tournament on Tuesday nights is bar room rules and the usual people who enter it can’t run 3 balls let alone a rack!
    The bar is under recent, new mgt. but I don’t see anything changing or improving other than a better bar top and paint on the exterior.