2010 US Amateur Championships qualifier @ Amy’s Billiards in Stuart, FL Sept 17-19, 2010

We already have reservations at Best Western Stuart, FL arr:09/16-19.  It’s located 1.5 miles from Amy’s Billiards (www.amysbilliards.com) so will be easy to get to/ from for practice.  The tables are Olhausen 9′ w/ Championship cloth, supposedly play faster than Simonis 760. 

I plan on practicing 3-4 hours on Thurs, 3-4 hours on Fri. and playing a 9 ball tournament in a tavern nearby Fri night on 7′ Valley tables.  Since there are only 55 entries, they will start the qualifier tournament on Sat 09/18 and finish on Sun 09/19.

Thanks to Blanding Billiards for sponsoring my trip and entry!  I can hardly wait for the new Diamond Tables coming to Blanding Billiards this month.  They play great…….

As we get into the weekend trip, I will be adding pics and video.  If anyone has a practice drill or tips for me, post here or call or email