Park Ave. Billiards Orange Park, FL 9-Ball Tournament

Hey, Players!

Sunday afternoon in Sept.?  Time for football on tv and pool on Sunday afternoon…$10.00 entry race to 7 on winners side and race to 5 on one-loss side.  $500.00 added w/ 24+ entries.  It would be more fair if they paid down to top 25% but maybe that can be changed. 

It’s a tough tournament on 9″ Brunswick GC III’s w/ Simonis 860 cloth and Aramith Premier Ball w/ Pro Cue “measles” cue ball.  I’m in it for the competition since I entered the US Amateur Championship qualifier in Stuart, FL Sept 17-19.  Gotta play more on the big tables………….it toughens ya up! 

Park Ave. is a good place to play and they’re about to move to a bigger location soon………..good selection of beers, too!  Also, they serve beer on Sundays!  They have 8 and 9 ft Brunswicks and Gandy’s and a 9′ Diamond, all w/ green Simonis 860! 

Look for my new sponsor banner “CueWorks, etc.” over the table lights on their feature table.  Mention my ad when you call for repair and get preferred service for your repair.


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  1. Aaron says:

    Looks good Richard!