Honey, we’re home!

Made it to Stuart, FL…nice drive down I-95 to Hwy 1!  Stopped at Amy’s Billiards just across the Roosevelt Bridge from motel for a short look-around.  The owner, Amy Poulter, was very personable and made us feel welcome.  She had asked what I like to drink during a phone call a week ago, and I mentioned that I like Sam Adams Boston Lager.  Well, she bought me a 12 pk and put it on ice!  That’s service. 

The place isn’t real fancy but I bet the players get their ‘groove’ on in that place.  The 9′ Olhausens (10), 3 Valley coin-op 7′ w/ Championship green felt are in nice shape.  There’s 1 Diamond 7′ Smart Table and also, a 3-cushion 12′ heated table, too! 

More later…..

2 Responses to “Honey, we’re home!”

  1. admin says:

    gonna go hit some for a hour! Don’t even need to bring my Aramith Super Pro ball set cause Amy’s has ‘em on every 9′!

  2. Richard Penny says:

    Lost first match 7-4, won 7-6 and 7-1 on one loss side. Back to the pool room @ 10 am tomorrow for 11 am match. Gotta win 4 more matches to make it to the Championship in Tampa Nov 7-9