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Pool Cue Ferrule Replacement:

$20.00-$65.00 Installed

CueWorks, etc. stocks ferrules from a variety of materials including:

  • basic PVC Titan (house cues)
  • LBM (linen based melamine)
  • Ageis II, ivory substitute
  • Elfoyn Ivory another ivory sub
  • Ivorine 3 and IV
  • All the way to legal pre-ban elephant ivory (the real stuff!!)

Free return shipping on all cue repair orders over $75.00 through the end of the year!

We even have 'Meucci Original' ferrule rod. This is the material Bob Meucci uses on his high end cues, and Meucci cue owners should NOT settle for any other ferrule if they want the high action hit that Muecci is famous for. We machine and replace the ferrule specifically for your tenon style, precisely measure for fit, from solid rod. We also stock Porper Linen based ferrules in 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4", capped and threaded or thru hole styles.

Titan $20.00+a polycarbonate-based thermoplastic. This Ferrule is strong, light weight and chalk resistant, a house cue replacement. NOT designed for break/ jump

MPI $20.00+ Multi-Polymer Ivory similar to Implex, softer hit, ivory color, polishes well and is chalk resistant.

PVC $25.00+ strong, impact resistant, polishes easily, chalk resistant (black or white)

Juma $25.00+ ivory color thermoset plastic. When polished, it resists chalk well. Has a nice hit and feels a lot like Ivory.

Aegis II $30+ a linen melamine based thermoset, rolled and molded for high strength. Color varies from rod to rod soft white to ivory.

Ivorine IV $35.00+ the hardest, strongest material for ferrules, joint, shaft and butt collars on the market. A beautiful weave and soft white color. Will never mushroom

G10 ($30.00) an epoxy resin/ glass fabric substrate. super strong, black or green (NOT SHEETS but rolled and molded) excellent for ferrules and available as joint pins in green or black, too.

Elforyn Ivory $40.00+ a high grade ivory substitute w/ high mineral content. It reproduces all the characteristics of ivory, including playability, with a natural ivory grain structure and is fluorescent under black light.

Elephant Ivory Tusk $65.00+ legal pre-ban Ivory, unbleached, for ferrules, recommended capped/ threaded w/ black or red fibre shock pad between face and tip.

Tiger 'SABER-T' Ferrule $35.00 Will challenge ivory in playability, consistency, durability and chalk-resistance. Tiger Saber-T is in solid rod form for a custom fit to your shaft/ tenon style. Also, pre-machined Tiger Saber-T ferrules for Tiger X, X-Ultra LD, and X-Pro performance shafts.

Natural/ Black -- Canvas/ Linen Ferrule Rod $30.00


Please contact us to discuss your repairs.

Richard Penny
CueWorks, etc
904.263.0966 mobile

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