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CueWorks, etc. Products – Cue Tips, Replacement Ferrules & Pool Cue Wraps

We carry most brands and style of single layer, multi-layer (laminated) and composite cue tips. I believe a player should be able to get the tip they want, not have to 'settle' for what a standard repair shop happens to have on hand at the moment. The same goes for ferrules, wraps, etc. Whichever style of play or hit you're looking for, we have the product you need and your cue will be returned better than you expect with FAST turnaround at a fair cost. I will treat your cue as if it were my own.....

Free return shipping on all cue repair orders over $75.00 through the end of the year!

For break/ jump cues, we have phoenelic tip/ ferrules, Tiger 'IceBreaker' and Tiger break/ jump tips, Samsara is big in billiards and we carry 3 styles of their break/ jump tips and laminated tips. Talisman layered tips are available in S/ M/ MH/ H/ and XH.

Additionally, Talisman makes a great leather break/ jump tip (super hard). We carry 3 styles of composite tips from Raven, specifically designed for either long distance, 4' and longer and deadly accurate or short, high jumps over a full ball within a couple inches of the cue ball. Yes, some players carry 2 or more jump shafts for exactly those situations that require extreme measures!

For complete cue refinishing/ call for quote after inspection. Some refinishing may be recommended to be done by original cue maker.


Please contact us to discuss your repairs.

Richard Penny
CueWorks, etc
904.263.0966 mobile

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