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CueWorks, etc. – Pool Cue Repair Services

We are an authorized dealer/ installer in Starke, Florida for Kamui tips and all the cool Kamui 'stuff, Dealer/ installer for Tiger tips and Stack Leather, Tiger Cues and Tiger X-Shafts and Porper cues and accessories.

Free return shipping on all cue repair orders over $75.00 through the end of the year!

Need to replace a damaged butt cap? Is your joint pin damaged or bent? Need a different size weight bolt or a new rubber bumper? Is your linen wrap fraying from use? We can quickly and affordably repair pool cues to look and feel like new.

For a replacement Irish Linen wrap, we stock 18 styles of genuine Hulbert Irish Linen, double press and seal the linen against moisture, yet retain the qualities of linen that makes it so popular. If you want a Tiger Stack Leather Wrap, we are experts at installing new pool cue wraps and include care instruction to keep it looking and feeling new.

Shaft Cleaning with Every Cue Repair

Basic shaft cleaning is complimentary w/ any tip install, if requested! Some players just like that yucky chalk dust on their shaft but if you need to get out the dings and dents and make the shaft better than new, ask for 'Super Shaft Cleaning'. We start by identifying the dents, removing them (trade secret, people-), special cleaners from Tiger Products remove the grit and chalk dust without bleach, then, the shaft wood is sealed with professional wood sealer to keep moisture out. Next, we use a Carnuba wax to polish (two coats) and burnish the pores of the wood between coats. Finally, the ferrule is cleaned, sealed to protect against moisture, the tip is shaped and burnished on edge. The pool cue will literally feel better than new! For this, you part w/ a $20.00 bill.......but, if you get a tip installed, it's only $15.00! If we do a tip and ferrule install, the cost is (DRUM ROLL, please) $10.00! If you don't say OMG! or WOW! after a Super Shaft's no charge (read the small print, it's worthwhile)!

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Quality Cue Repair Services

Repair work submitted is subject to further inspection and we reserve the right to require a new ferrule and/ or tenon be installed prior to tip install if ferrule is revealed to be cracked, split or loose. Since ferrule and tenon repairs are labor intensive and critical to a proper tip install, we will not 'gerry-rig' or 'band-aid' a bad prior repair from 'Harry the Butcher', cue-tip in pocket, super glue in glove box, repair guy.

You would be amazed at the hidden, shoddy work uncovered when a butcher's tip install pops off! We DO NOT super glue and duct tape shoddy work and put our name on it! Our reputation is too valuable and your cue is too important to your game and our success! If a problem is found upon proceeding with a repair, we will document the problem w/ digital images and make them available to the customer, if requested, for verification and CueWorks, etc. customer file. This info is not shared or discussed w/ 3rd parties. Thanks for your understanding in this note.

Shipping Information for Out of State Cue Repairs

Please call or email for exact pricing and specific repair prior to sending cues/ shafts for repairs. We highly recommend The UPS Store for professional packing/ shipping to CueWorks, etc. Ensure that your cue/ shaft(s) are in tube or triangle box.

On-Site Cue Repair Services

POOL ROOM owners, managers and LEAGUE OPERATORS! Consider CueWorks, etc. as a sponsored pool cue repair service at your venue or session-ending tournament. We have a specialized, portable lathe and tools for on-site repair services and can offer professional repair w/ same day service to the players at the tournament. There are no costs incurred to the room owner and benefits incl. complimentary house cue repairs by CueWorks, etc.

Cue Works Repair Form (pdf)


Please contact us to discuss your repairs.

Richard Penny
CueWorks, etc
904.263.0966 mobile

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