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Pool Cue Tip, Ferrule & Butt Cap Replacement Services

If you play pool leagues such as APA, BCA, VNEA, the rules may prohibit certain composite pool cue tips and or ferrule materials (as in brass or steel ) so be sure your equipment is 'legal' for play. Effective 06/ 2009 the BCA World Standardized Rules were amended to prohibit any NON-leather tips on break cues. After conferring w/ Aramith and others, it was determined that the composite tips were so hard that they damage the cue ball. This rule is for regional and national events and the APA, TAP and VNEA league systems are going to concede to the new rule for national events. They are many different and excellent leather tips for break cues and we stock them all. The rule does NOT prohibit jump shafts from composite tips, only a cue that is used for breaking. The reason for the exception; jump shots do not attain the high speed necessary in break shots.
Joint Repairs for Pool Cues

Free return shipping on all cue repair orders over $75.00 through the end of the year!

Joint repairs, cost $40.00 up. Call for quote. There are many combinations of joint pins/ inserts, thread pitch, radial under size for tight fit, etc. Uni_loc has original, new bullet and ghost pins, Uni-Loc Radial, G-10, 3/ 8 Radial, etc.
Butt Cap/Sleeve Replacement Services

Services to replace butt cap, butt sleeve, handle, etc. start at $30.00. Call for quote. Repairs other than tips, ferrules, wraps, or shaft cleaning may require additional lead time.


Please contact us to discuss your repairs.

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